For Students in Years 7 and 8

Read this article ' Power out in the city's north' about an electricity outage that occurred in Melbourne. 

How many times have you used electrical energy in the last 24 hours? What did that electricity power do for you?

Apart from electric lighting, computers and all the electrical gadgets we have at home, electricity is essential in all developed societies to supply the energy needed for homes, businesses, transportation and other industries. Electricity supply has become extremely important to governments, and how we produce the 'electricity' to perform the necessary functions needed as a society has become a world-wide topic of conversation.

This online resource is designed to help you learn more about electricity. The more you know and understand something, the better placed you are to make important decisions and participate in public debates about how you want to live.

The important terms to help you understand the major concepts in electricity (in blue bold text) are linked to a dictionary so you can check the meaning of words.

Electrical cord