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Online Electricity Resource
Ausgrid’s Online Electricity Resource offers information-based content and a range of practical activities aimed at encouraging students to engage with the electricity unit of the Stage 4 and 5 Science syllabuses.

The interactive resource contains syllabus content, online quizzes, interactive learning objects, animations and experiments.

The resource has a strong emphasis on ‘conducting science research projects’ and will assist students to complete all the Stage 5 'Skills' encompassed in the ‘Working Scientifically’ outcomes.

The content within the site is separated into two sections. Each section should refer to safety considerations and dictionary of terms.

1. For Students in Years 7 and 8
The first section explores the science behind static electricity, simple electric circuits and the role of research into the efficient generation and consumption of electrical energy. This section is useful learning for students in stage 4 (Years 7 and 8) and is good revision for students in stage 5 (Years 9 and 10).  Each page has activities for your students to perform and a small quiz so they can check their understanding of each learning section.

• What is electricity?
• A convenient form of energy
• Magnetism
• Simple electric circuits
• Electric Circuit Symbols
• Sources of Electrical Energy
• Batteries and moving charges
• Conductors and insulators
• Safety considerations 

2. For Students in Years 9 and 10
This last section deals with more complex types of electrical circuits and how the electrical power needed to run our everyday lives is generated. This section explores the alternative methods of electricity generation. This section is useful learning for students in stage 5 (years 9 and 10) and is good for revision for students in stage 6 (years 11 and 12).  Each page has activities for you to perform and a small test so you can check your understanding of the learning.

• Power for the 21st century
• Potential difference and current
• Series and parallel circuits
• Household circuits
• Generating electricity
• From generator to home
• Electrical devices
• Ohm's law and Power (additional)
• Safety considerations

3. Research projects
This section of the site provides students with a guide for doing Research Projects and conducting an experimental investigation. It contains ideas and tips, and includes Case Studies from other students who have been involved in completing a Research Project on electricity. Students in both stages 4 and 5 are required to complete a Research Project.

It also contains valuable case studies, where teachers share their strategies for increasing student motivation and enthusiasm when completing a science research project. Click here to view the videos.

Stage 4 students progressing at a lower level
Students with learning difficulties, may find it useful to review content and interactive activities taught as part of Ausgrid's Electricity and Safety Unit for Stage 3, which aligns with the NSW Board of Studies Syllabus for Science and Technology (Australian Curriculum). The unit contains a complete lesson book and interactive whiteboard lessons.

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