CASE STUDIES - How do you choose your topics?

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How do you choose your topics?

  • Well at the Asquith Science day that we went to originally, we drew up a mind-map with a variety of different ideas to choose from.
  • Ideas we wanted to like, investigate, with doing experiments.
  • We wanted to do something that was relevant to teenage girls and something that we could use and so we decided that we should use hair straighteners and then, test for damage and see what happens with hair and hair straighteners
  • We had trouble at the start to decide what we wanted and with some assistance from some teachers we got some ideas.
  • But we wanted to originally do electricity, well thats how we're here, and then we decided, branched it off and then we wanted to choose something about electric fences. And then someone told us a myth about an an electric fence, someone urinating on a fence, and so we just thought of our idea of that to do urinating on an electric fence.
  • I chose my topic because I was interested in finding the ideal study method and I thought it would be useful for me and my sister because my sister is doing her HSC this year and I'm doing my School certificate.
Electrical cord