CASE STUDIES - What was the best bit?

Answers to Question 6

What was the best bit?

  • I think one of the best things for me was when we actually went to the Asquith Science Fair. Having a look around at all the other student projects, they had some really innovative ideas and we, like looking at them, it sort of gave the basis to do like further research about our project and some other, like related.
  • To extend on our experiment and what we can do in the future from looking at all the other experiments from the Asquith girls.
  • Finding out the results, that was really good, and we put in so much work into it, and so much effort, that it was really good to see the final thing.
  • And I think the best thing for me was at the end of the actual science fair when we stood there presenting to the judges and I actually reflected back and I saw how far that we had come and that was like "WHOA".
  • I think the best thing was using the Nintendo game system because the subjects really enjoyed it becasue it was appropriate to the age group and it timed the results and timed the test accurately and had randomly generated tests which was good for this investigation.
  • The best thing was to probably learn about,like this myth if it was true and that it actually possibly could have been true because you can get an electric shock and learning just to tell people don't urinate on an electric fence.
  • And that feeling at the end, it felt so good.
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