CASE STUDIES - How much did you know about your topic before you started?

Answers to Question 2

How much did you know about your topic before you started?

  • We knew that hair straighteners damage hair but we didn't know what type of damage and how much damage and we also wanted to test if protection spray really works.
  • We didn't know too much about our topic however we researched it on the interent about our specific project of resistivity and conductivity of wires and we found out that our experiment has in fact been conducted numerous times before but we with our own knowledge and investigation we wanted to sort of back-up the information that was already there.
  • I knew that different people would prefer different study methods and that it would vary and be different for everybody and I knew about some of the effects of sleep deprivation on people and how, some of the theories of people who like, who study while listening to music.
  • Well we knew nothing about electricity and we thought that it would be good fun to go and learn something new and then we knew nothing about the myth .....
  • And then we heard the myth and so that was the only thing we knew was about a myth and that someone did get, possibly could have got electrocuted from a fence we just didn't know whether the myth was true or not, so thats all we really knew about before we started.
  • But we wanted to originally do electricity, well thats how we're here, and then we decided, branched it off and then we wanted to choose something about electric fences. And then someone told us a myth about an an electric fence, someone urinating on a fence, and so we just thought of our idea of that to do urinating on an electric fence.
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