CASE STUDIES - What resources did you use to help with your project?

Answers to Question 3

What resources did you use to help with your project?

  • We initially when researching before we had actually started conducting our project, we started with the internet looking up like topics that were similar to ours just to compare results and things before we started. We talked to our science teacher at school who was able to get all the equipment we need, like order the wires we needed through the school.
  • For the information I used websites from the internet and New Scientist magazines that a teacher gave me.
  • We had help from teachers but mainly we did it ourselves. We had got some background information from them.
  • So they didn't really help us do the actual project but they gave us some ideas as a starting point.
  • I used Nintendo DS game system and the brain training programmes to do the testing and I used my friends for the participants in the experiment.
  • Teachers mainly impacted our project and helped us basically, and we also did some research like we used the survey and tested to see like how many students in our year actually used hair-straighteners.
  • My parents made the word list for the word memory test because I was one of the subjects and I couldn't have previously seen the words before. And I used music from my music collection at home and I got my subjects to bring in the music that they liked as well and I got the junk food as well from McDonalds and Coles.
  • We had like an EnergyAustralia person come to our school as well to help us develop our experiment and to extend from it.
  • Initially it was quite a hard concept for us to grasp having not done a lot of it in, as like school work. So we had a lot of concepts explained to us by the person from EnergyAustralia so that they were easier for us to understand cause if you just read it off the internet often its quite confusing than if its explained like an adult.
  • Well the teachers supported us and then our friends they also helped us with giving up their hair for us and they also.... the questions for our survey.
  • They helped a lot and also our parents, our parents helped as well.
  • If we didn't have the person from EnergyAustralia like, explaining these concepts as we went along, like we probably end up with all the same results and have the same things written on the board behind us but we wouldn't actually understand the concepts behind it.
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