CASE STUDIES - Did you encounter any problems?

Answers to Question 3

Did you encounter any problems?

  • Our problem was the girls - they wouldn't give their hair to us we had to like, go and practically force them to cut their hair for us. So that was a problem.
  • The first problem was that we didn't really know what we were going to do and then after that we an idea of using a bell to set off whether there was an electric current flowing through our set-up of an electric fence and someone urinating on it, so....
  • The bell was 2.5 V and we used a battery pack that went from 2 to 12 and if we were going to put the bell in there wasn't enough electric current flowing through on 2 to set it off so we had to turn it up and if we wanted to use it, it started smoking.
  • One problem I encountered was not having enough time to do enough repeats on my friends. I did four repeats on me and my sister but because it was a science project my friends had other science projects to do, so I didn't want them to take up more than a day of their time to do it, so that could have affected the accuracy and reliability of my results.
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