CASE STUDIES - Did you learn much from doing the project?

Answers to Question 5

Did you learn much from doing the project?

  • We learnt you know, that you should use protection spray when you straighten your hair. Because it does work!
  • It does work!
  • And I think we also learnt about time management, that was a thing that I definitely learnt that I had to manage my time in order to pursue the project.
  • And also communication, communicating with each other, and setting time to do our assignment and stuff like that.
  • First of all mainly we learnt that if you urinate on an electric fence you are going to get an electric shock. So that is a big NO-NO, you don't.
  • I learnt several things from doing my research project, I learnt about the study methods of some of my friends and what they preferred,and I learnt how to do the process of a scientific project because I hadn't previously done one before.
  • And we also learnt that the amount of salt in your urine is going to affect the amount of shock you get.
  • I learnt how to graph the results in Microsoft word.
  • We learnt quite a lot, like for example, with the wires, if there was a 1 mm wire and a 2 mm wire, the resisitivity and conductivity were exactly corresponding, cause, yeah the 2 mm would be a lot more.
  • We, initially we assumed that it would directly correspond, like before our research cause when we looked it up we saw that other people have had similar results.


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